Love, love, love the Swedish International School of Geneva. Small classes, attentive and caring teachers, quality education and my son is happy! What more could a parent ask for!?
I like the small classes, the international environment and working with teachers from different countries”
“Students are happy at school – they are respected and listened to. The students are the ones who propose and choose the themes. They are happy to spend time outside.”
“I think it is rare to find an institution where parents can involve themselves this much in the place their children spend their days.”
My kids love to go to school! Not one dark morning is there a whimper about going to school!
Our children have had amazing years at the Swedish school of Geneva. You are amazing and you are pursuing a very professional operation. Your greatest strength is the way you meet and respond to each student based on his or her
needs. We also appreciate your close and honest contact with us parents.
The staff and the school are amazing. They focus on the children and you can clearly see your child’s development each day. We are fully satisfied with your school
We have always thought that the Swedish school was great, but now we realize just how great it is! You are all incredibly talented educators and are very good with the children. Both of our children loved going to school and never struggled in the morning and it was clear that they were learning things every day.
It has surely been two fantastic school years for our children. They very much enjoyed going to school which at that age is truly not that common. They had a great time and have always been difficult in the evening to convince them that they had to come home with us. You and your team have provided a warm and at the same time an educative environment for which we would like to thank you.