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We understand the demands of parents today and offer a range of activities to cater for your family’s unique needs, whether that is for your child to attend after school activities, holiday camps or learning Swedish.

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Time for homework and play

Our After School club is for our primary school pupils (ages 4 to 9) and is open from 3pm to 6.30pm every weekday, all year round, except national holidays.

Children can play and interact with one another indoors and outside, and also receive help with homework, experiments, music, art and games.

Subject to availability we also welcome other students to our After School activities.

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holiday camps

An inspiring and exciting break

Our week-long holiday camps provide seamless care for children throughout the year and are based on the school site, with some daily travel. 

The camps are run by the usual teaching team to give children a sense of continuity and familiarity, with external professionals brought in to deliver specialist sessions. Recent holiday camp themes included skiing, dancing, cooking, butterflies, and insects. Holiday camps are not covered by tuition fees.

For more details contact admin@sisog.ch


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This course is geared towards those students attending Swiss, French or International schools who want to deepen their knowledge of the Swedish language. Students follow the Swedish national curriculum and work in small groups with professional teachers. As well as language instruction, classes cover Swedish culture, literature, history and geography. The course is offered at a range of different schools in the Geneva area. Those students who attend the classes at the Swedish International School of Geneva may also opt to attend the After School activities, which are open 12.30pm-6.30pm. More information


We offer support teaching for students studying Swedish through Sofia Distance Learning, run by the Sofia School in Stockholm. At the start of the school year, pupils will receive an individually designed study plan. Our experienced tutor delivers the coaching at the Swedish School for 2.5 hours every other week.

For more information on Sofia Distance Learning, please visit www.sofiadistans.nu


For students who do not use Swedish actively in their everyday life, we offer a beginners course. We still follow the Swedish curriculum and the goal is to enable the student to join one of our General Swedish groups. The course is held at the school.

Please contact admin@sisog.ch for more information